Custom Cupcakes
We offer a variety of customized cupcakes. Below are some basics with pricing.
  For more options please email Renee at with your questions. 
Include pictures if possible!
We require 2 weeks notice for most custom work 

Small Fondant cutouts
 .25 each
Hand Made Fondant
starts @ $1.00 each
Custom Cupcake Picks
We can customize picks with any 
theme or picture that you send us
small 1.5 inch: .25 each
large 2 inch: .50 each

Small .25 each
Large .50 each
Small .25 each
Edible Prints
we can customize these with any theme or picture
$1.25 each
Specialty Frosting Design
cupcakes $3.00 each
Specialty Frosting plus small fondant
cupcakes $3.50 each