Everybody loves a cupcake....even our best furry friends.  Treat your pup to a delicious anytime treat. 
 We use dog friendly ingredients and make each PuppyCake from scratch in our shop.  
We offer 3 flavors that are available daily.
 You can mix and match flavors to create your own PuppyCake box.

Regular sized:        $1.50 each 
                                        $9.00 Half dozen 
                                 $16.50 Dozen

                                                             Minis:                    Singles not available
                                                                                          $4.50 Half Dozen
                                                                                           $9.00 Dozen

Peanut Butter Banana PuppyCake

Peanut butter and banana combine to make a scrumptious treat for your doggie. 
 Topped with a peanut butter cream cheese frosting. 
Made with whole wheat flour, milk, egg and coconut oil.

Applesauce Honey PuppyCake

Applesauce cake with a touch of honey.  Topped with applesauce cream cheese.
Made with whole wheat flour, egg, coconut oil and a small amount of honey.

PuppyCakes should be refrigerated!!
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