How do I get my cupcakes?
You can pick your cupcakes up at our location or have them delivered. 
Please check our contact page for addresse and phone number.

Do you deliver?
From our Harrisonburg location we deliver for free to the city of Harrisonburg
From our previous Penn Laird location we still deliver for free within a 10 mile radius of our that shop which was located at: 
5471 Spotswood Trail, Penn Laird.
There is a $15 minimum. 
 Orders must be places before 11 AM on the day of the delivery.  
We open at 10 AM!
Do you deliver outside of your local area?
please call  540 217-0611
We do deliver outside of our free area, the Harrisonburg city limits, at a rate of .38 per mile. 
To figure this out simply calculate the miles from our original store 
(5471 Spotswood Trail Penn Laird Va.) to your house and back.  

Here is an easy tool to help you do that:
To figure out what your delivery charge would be, just visit www.mapquest.com and enter 
  our address (5471 Spotswood Trail, Penn Laird) as the starting address and your address as the ending address. 
 Click the box to calculate the round trip miles and  times it by the .38 per mile to get your rate

**Any delivery order that is outside of our delivery area will be charged with a starting point of our shop
 and does not include the first 10 miles for free

Can I mix and match the flavors in my dozen?
We offer up to 12 flavors per day which can be mixed and matched to create your unique box.

Can I order flavors that are not on the menu that day?
Your order must be a minimum of 8 dozen regular sized cupcakes in 
order to choose flavors that are not on the menu that day

Is there a minimum order?
There is a $15 minimum for delivery.

Is there a price break for larger orders?
Yes. There is a 15% discount on orders of 4 dozen or more regular sized cupcakes or 8 dozen mini's.
 Please contact us for special pricing on larger corporate orders.

What sizes do your cupcakes come in?
Our cupcakes are available in the standard size everyday.
We also offer mini's and jumbo cupcake sizes which must be pre-ordered 24 hours in advance

How far in advance should I order?
We need at least 24 hours notice for mini or jumbo cupcake orders.

How do I order my cupcakes?
Call our Harrisonburg store at 540 217-0611 to place order for pick up 
We do not take orders by email or Facebook

Why do you need advance notice for orders?
We make all of our cupcakes from scratch each day and deliver them fresh. 
We must have your order in advance to work it into our busy schedule

Do you do weddings?
Yes! We would be happy to help you with your special day. 
Call to set up an appointment to discuss your plans.

I have allergies, am a vegan, and don’t eat gluten. Is there a cupcake for me?
We do offer gluten free cupcakes but not sugar free cupcakes at this time.
We can also make Dairy Free, Egg Free and Vegan cupcakes by special order.
Feel free to contact us with your special request and we will try to accomodate you if possible.

How should I store my cupcakes?
Cupcakes are best eaten the day that they are made!! 
 Please do not refrigerate them as this will quickly dry them out.  
Store them in an airtight container on your counter for 1-2 days
 or freeze them if they won't be eaten right away. 
 Take them out to thaw several hours before consuming!
Do you ship cupcakes?
No, we do not ship cupcakes at this time